Hydromax X40 Crystal Clear Pump
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Hydromax X40 Crystal Clear Pump

Style #: HM-40-P-CC-03182


Details and Notes

Phthalate Free Waterproof

The Hydromax X40 Pump in Crystal Clear is a new kind of penis enlargement! The Hydromax is a water pump, not an air pump like all the other penis pumps on the market. Used in the shower, you will need only 15 minutes per day to gain length and girth that lasts. Comfortable and easy to use, the Hydromax features a removable comfort pad that also provides a more secure fit and seal. The X40 penis pump features a latch on the valve that allows you to fill the pump with water with only one hand. The valve also holds pressure longer and features a slow pressure release in case you overpump and need to readjust the pressure. The X40 pump is slightly larger than the X30 for the larger-than-average man. When fully compressed, the maximum penis length is 8.46 inches and the maximum penis diameter is 2.20 inches.

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