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Master Series Labia Clamp W/Adjustable Pressure Screws

Style #: AG955-03151


Details and Notes

The Master Series Labia Clamp w/Adjustable Pressure Screws is a labia spreading device.

There are two compression screws at the top and bottom that can be twisted to close the clamps against the labia, allowing the vulva to be on display. Along each side of the clamps are rows of 4 pinch screws (aka pressure screws) that poke into the labia.

Use the provided allen wrench included to adjust the pinch screws until they are in place. Make adjustments to the pinch screws before clamping down. If the labia are already clamped, the pinch screws will have enough pressure that each twist can potentially cause damage.

How to use?

After taking a freshly cleaned clamp, take a wet towel, cloth, or wipe to the vulva. Put on gloves to add grip as you gently rub the clitoris and labia. Once warmed up, open the clamp and place it against the vulva; take some time to see how the labia will fit into the clamps.

Take the clamp and begin to open the sides by screwing the compression screws open, holding the round ball at the top and the bottom until they are even. With the pinch screws all the way out (so their base is flat and not pointing or poking in), begin to place one lip into the clamp and slowly compress the clamp on that lip, and then the other.

Tug gently on the clamp to see if it stays in place. The spikes and screws help to keep them from closing their legs so the vulva is on full display! You can then remove the clamps by loosening the screws, using the allen wrench to turn the pinch screws so they poke into the space between the clamps. This time as you place the clamps on the labia, they will feel the poking, pinching, biting pressure from the pinch screws!

  • Nickel-free, stainless steel
  • Measurements: Innermost opening is 3.75 inches in length, 1.1 inches in diameter. Each side of the clamp opens to 0.6 in

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