Purple Eroscillator Top Deluxe 2

Style #: TOP DELUXE 2-03002


Details and Notes

Customer Favorite Phthalate Free Silicone

The Eroscillator is truly a legend among sex toys. The Top Deluxe Eroscillator features the classic style of the original, plus five attachments, with a storage bag included. The secret to the Eroscillator is that it oscillates instead of vibrating, producing an intense sensation that is more stimulating to the clitoris than even vibration, but yet never causes numbness. It never needs new batteries because you plug it in!

You will receive six attachments, all molded out of body safe TPR, with the exception of the 'marshmallow,' which has a soft silicone head.

Golden Spoon: This is an updated version of the "digital head," a favorite attachment of the original Eroscilltor. It has a concave side that is designed especially to stimulate the clitoris, while the flat side has small nubs that stimulate the inner and outer labia.

Seven Pearls of the Orient: Specially developed for vaginal and anal stimulation and penetration. Do not insert fully during anal use.

French Legionnaire’s Mustache: The oscillation comes through to the ends of the bristles for tickling and teasing all over the body.

Ball and Cup: Shaped like a round cup on one side and a ball shape with three nubs on the other. The cup side will fit over most nipples and clits for enveloped oscillation. The nubbed side can be used to stimulate any sensitive area of the body.

Grapes and Cockscomb: The grape side of this attachment has ten distinct grape nubs, which provides intense stimulation. The cockscomb side is slightly less intense, and can provide pinpoint accuracy.

Ultra Soft Finger Tip (Marshmallow): Made of soft silicone, this produces a gentler sensation on the clit and is perfect for new users in an sensitive are of the body.

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